Philip Larkin   High Windows When I see a couple of kids And guess he’s fucking her and she’s Taking pills or wearing a diaphragm, I know this is paradise Everyone old has dreamed of all their lives— Bonds and gestures pushed to one side Like an outdated combine harvester, And everyone young going down … Continue reading Poems

Notes on Film

To interpret the ghostliness of the visible world by means of authentic experiences drawn directly from that world. Even the very germ cell of a film, the elementary idea, must suit the medium. The particular human problem or setting that is chosen as the theme may also be suitable for a novel or stage play, … Continue reading Notes on Film

Jean Moreas – The Symbolist Manifesto

As with all arts, literature evolves: a cyclical evolution with strictly determined returns and which become more complicated of various modifications brought by the step of time and the confusion of circles. It would be superfluous to point out that every new progressive stage of art corresponds exactly to senile degeneration, at the ineluctable end … Continue reading Jean Moreas – The Symbolist Manifesto